Yuuyake Koyake Fureai no Sato

Hotels Hachioji

This is the facility where the nursery rhyme, ‘Yuuyake Koyake’ was set. The ‘Yuuyake Koyake Kan’ houses documents relating to the writer of the nursery rhyme, Ukou Nakamura, and other items. There is also a hot spring ‘Yuuyake no Yuu’, which day trippers can use, at the overnight accommodation at ‘Ooruri no Ie’. Other places include a hand made soba restaurant, a stand selling vegetables from Hachioji, and a campsite.


Venue name: Yuuyake Koyake Fureai no Sato
Address: 2030 Kami-Onkata, Hachioji, Tokyo

Transport: Yuuyake Koyake Station (Nishi-Tokyo Bus) from the bus stop #1 at Takao Station (JR Chuo Line, Keio Line)
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