Kapibarasan Pop-Up Shop

カピバラさん 湯けむりキュルッと横丁
カピバラさん 湯けむりキュルッと横丁
カピバラさん 湯けむりキュルッと横丁

The basement of Tokyo Station will have a new addition for two weeks in November: a pop-up shop devoted to the popular character Kapibara-san. Capybara, the animal from which Kapibara-san is derived, likes to live near water, and the image of a capybara chilling away in a hot spring has proved rather popular during the cold Japanese winter. The shop's theme is 'An onsen town at night', meaning an assortment of bath towels, wooden baskets, T-shirts and more. On November 17 (Thursday) and 23 (Wednesday), the Kapibara-san products will be promoted by Nori and Salt, a real-life capybara duo. You'll most likely have to queue up to take a photo with these furry friends, though. 


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