Asakusa Hanayashiki

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Asakusa Hanayashiki

Hanayashiki has been in business since 1883 and still draws crowds. There are around 20 rides, more appealing for nostalgia than thrills – including Japan’s oldest steel-track rollercoaster and a haunted house. Most have been upgraded over the years, but their scope is limited due to the park’s small size. The nostalgia is palpable, and there's a sense of boisterous fun in there somewhere amidst the rust. At the very least, it makes for a nice alternative to Asakusa's otherwise austere attractions.


Venue name: Asakusa Hanayashiki
Address: 2-28-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku

Transport: Asakusa Station (Tobu Skytree, Asakusa, Ginza lines), exit 3
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