Dino Kingdom

Dino Kingdom

Many of the stars of the dinosaur world are on display at Makuhari Messe this summer, in a show that's likely to delight kids and parents alike. There are around 200 fossils on view at this jurassic jamboree, with pieces from every continent, many of them from China – currently the world's prime paleontological hotspot. Dino geeks will be most excited about the Yutyrannus huali (literally, 'beautiful feathered tyrant'), the largest known feathered dinosaur, which is going on display for the first time having being announced to the world back in April. You can also see other discovered-in-China beasties such as the Guanlong, Sinoceratops and Zhuchengosaurus, plus the more familiar T-Rex, triceratops, et al.

Event website: http://dino2012.com
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