Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum

Museums Koganei

Tokyo’s facade may be in a never-ending cycle of renewal, but its architectural heritage is well preserved in an unexpectedly rich hoard of buildings at this picturesque branch of the Edo-Tokyo Museum. As well as swanky private residences and quaint old town shops, there’s a host of one-offs, such as an ornate bathhouse and a mausoleum built for a shogun’s wife. Even the visitors’ centre once served as a ceremonial pavilion in front of the Imperial Palace. Be prepared for lots of slipping in and out of shoes if you want to visit the interiors.


Venue name: Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum
Address: 3-7-1 Sakuracho, Koganei-shi

Transport: Musashi-Koganei Station (Chuo line), north exit then any bus from bus stops 2 or 3 to Koganei Koen Nishiguchi
Static map showing venue location
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