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フランス国立図書館 体感する地球儀・天球儀展
フランス国立図書館 体感する地球儀・天球儀展
フランス国立図書館 体感する地球儀・天球儀展
フランス国立図書館 体感する地球儀・天球儀展

If you used to spend countless hours staring at world globes and memorising the curious names of distant lands and cities as a kid, then this long-running exhibition at Gotanda's DNP Building is sure to catch your attention. Presenting an ongoing digitisation project between France's National Library and Dai Nippon Printing, it allows you to view 10 terrestrial and celestial globes from past centuries in 3D form. All virtual globes on display can be freely manipulated, revealing vistas and world views from the so-called Age of Discovery onwards, while one 18th-century globe can even be experienced immersively with the aid of a head-mounted display. The exhibition is divided into two parts, with the first one running from February 19 to May 22 and the latter half from June 3 to September 4. Note that the display is only open on weekends and requires advance reservations for all visitors.


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