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Not far from Shibuya’s bustling streets you can find this century-old retro bathhouse, which occupies the first floor of an apartment building. Unlike some other older sento that like their bath piping hot, Kairyo-yu’s water temperature is just right for you to lean back and relax.

With a total of four bath options, you can easily spend a few hours soaking up. Take a dip in the infrared bath, which is said to warm your body and improves your blood flow, or the ultrasonic bath which will lighten your skin (yes, still a thing apparently). Don't forget to grab one of the water pillows to cool your head while taking a bath. Kairyo-yu is a good spot to wash off your fatigue after an extensive shopping spree in Shibuya. 


Venue name: Kairyo-yu
Address: 2-19-9 Higashi, Shibuya-ku

Opening hours: 3pm-12.30am, closed Saturday
Transport: Ebisu Station
Price: ¥460, primary school students ¥180, younger children ¥80 / + sauna ¥250
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