Oji Inari Shrine

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Oji Inari Shrine

Said to have been founded way back in the Heian era, Oji Inari is best known for its relation to fox mythology, a curious side note in Japanese traditional religion. The shrine is guarded by a number of fox statues, some of them holding the hoshi no tama ball that’s supposed to house the animal’s soul, and holds an annual fox parade on New Year’s Eve. Sitting on a lush hillside, the place still exudes an impressive, mystical vibe – especially if you go in the evening, when the noise from the nearby kindergarten isn’t as distracting. Note that as the main entrance is usually closed on weekdays, visitors need to take the slope on the left of the kindergarten and then turn right into the shrine grounds.


Venue name: Oji Inari Shrine
Address: 1-12-26 Kishimachi, Kita-ku

Transport: Oji Station (Keihin-Tohoku, Namboku lines), north exit
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