Shiba Daijingu Shrine

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Shiba Daijingu Shrine

Time Out says

Shiba Daijingu shrine dates back to the year 1005. Dedicated to Ise Grand Shrine’s two principal deities, Amaterasu-Omikami (the sun goddess) and Toyoukeno-Okami (god of agriculture and industry), it’s revered in the region and often referred to as ‘Kanto’s O-Ise Sama’. Apart from being an extremely respected place of worship, the shrine has played a part in the birth of a great many Japanese cultural assets, including the famous Kabuki play entitled ‘Megumi-no-Kenka’, the Japanese toy named ‘Chigi Bako’, and ‘Daradara Matsuri’, Japan’s longest festival. The shrine is also popular with many woodblock print enthusiasts, who come here to see it depicted in works by various great artists such as Ando Hiroshige’s ‘Shogashi’.



Address: 1-12-7 Shiba-Daimon, Minato-ku

Transport: Daimon Station (Asakusa, Oedo lines), Onarimon Station (Mita line), Hamamatsucho Station (Yamanote, Keihin-Tohoku lines)
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