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The Terminal

Calling The Terminal a web café would be doing it a disservice. Created in conjunction with a group of Tokyo creatives that include The Green Produce Production Co and Cibone Design, The Terminal has the feeling of a modern media company office – here a breakout space, there a well-lit corner with spring-loaded architect lamps. Around the room are books and binders, each devoted to a well known creator or brand, Japanese and foreign, intended to inspire anyone who has the time to browse. Above the main room you'll find a small rooftop terrace for a spot of fresh air, while the ground floor houses a gallery space which you can rent out if you've got something you want to show the world (8am-11pm, ¥200,000).

It's the kind of spot you'd expect Tokyo to have in abundance, but has actually been in short supply. Offering wifi access at very reasonable prices, the smartly kitted out venue is targeted at what you might call nomad workers; digital and design freelancers who no longer have need for an office but want somewhere to pull up an iPad and get down to business.

It's important to note that membership is required, though you can sign up on arrival or via the official website in advance. Aside from wifi and net connectivity, the venue offers sandwiches and beers (at extra cost, naturally), and is equipped with the following bits and bobs:

Mac 6 stations fitted with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 and Microsoft Office
Power sockets for every seat
Colour and monochrome xeroxing
Colour and monochrome printing
A meeting room with a projector
Lockers and a cloakroom


Venue name: The Terminal
Address: 3-22-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

Transport: Meiji-Jingumae Station (Chiyoda, Fukutoshin lines)
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