Tokyo Olympics and the Bullet Train

Tokyo Olympics and the Bullet Train

Commemorating half a century since the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the associated start of bullet train (Shinkansen) service, this exhibition displays around 400 items from those heady days of rapid economic growth, including Olympic paraphernalia and the ’three sacred treasures’ – TV, fridge and washing machine. A three-part lecture series on the topic will also be held – see below for details.

Lecture schedule:

‘The Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics as seen by literary scholars’

Presenter: Shoichi Yukiyoshi (Curator – Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum)

Tue October 7, 2-3.30pm

‘The Shinkansen and the Japanese lifestyle’

Presenter: Junichi Yoneyama (Regional Heritage Producer)

Tue October 21, 2-3.30pm

‘The 1964 Tokyo Paralympics’

Presenter: Taro Nakamura (Chairman – Taiyo no Ie Social Welfare Corporation)

Sat November 8, 2-3.30pm

Lecture fees: ¥1,000/each, ¥2,400 for all three combined

1 person listening