Wadabori Park

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Wadabori Park

This expansive city park spreads out mostly on the north side of the Zenpukuji River in Suginami, between Eifukucho and Shin-Koenji stations. It features football fields, walking paths, playgrounds and a very retro fishing pond. Look for the slightly decrepit food stall complex, which also functions as the entrance to the ponds. Prices start from ¥500 for 30 minutes – why not try your luck? Those less interested in angling can check out the creepy talking popcorn machine by the entrance or admire other retail relics of past decades. If you're coming from the direction of Eifukucho, take bus 45 from the station to the Toritsu Wadabori Koen stop, get off and head west.


Venue name: Wadabori Park
Address: Omiya 1~2, Narita-Higashi 1~2, Narita-Nishi 1, Horinouchi 1~2 and Matsunoki 1, all Suginami-ku

Transport: Nishi-Eifuku Station (Keio Inokashira line); Eifukucho Station (Keio Inokashira line), take bus for Koenji Station and get off at Toritsu Wadabori Koen stop
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