7 e.p. 10 Years Anniversary Show

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7 e.p. 10 Years Anniversary Show

In a nice bit of timing, local indie label 7 e.p. will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on – when else? – July 7. Coming on the back of anniversary tours with overseas visitors 764-Hero, Little Wings and Thao & Mirah, this weekend's show lets Japanese acts take the limelight, with appearances from emo perennials Bloodthirsty Butchers, charming singer-songwriter Nikaido Kazumi, US-fixated indie rockers Moools, ramshackle ensemble Maher Shalal Hash Baz and more. And just in case you missed the significance of the date, they're also offering ¥700 cashback to punters whose ticket numbers end with the number seven – nice.

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