764-Hero & Moools Japan Tour 2012

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764-Hero & Moools Japan Tour 2012

Sure, it isn't the first case of an obscure US indie band getting back together again, but there's a certain poetry to 764-Hero's upcoming Japan tour. As local fans of the Pacific Northwest guitar band scene could tell you, the group were originally due to make their debut trip here in the autumn of 2002 – only to split up that summer. The original core duo of John Atkins and Polly Johnson will be reconvening to make amends in this reunion tour, with Ken Jarvey of The Can't See joining them on bass. They'll be sharing top billing with Japanese indie vets Moools, who've spent so much time in 764-Hero's home state of Washington that they could almost pass for locals. Emphasis on almost. Jagged rock duo Kirihito lend additional support.

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