All Denki Fair

All Denki Fair

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Damn, has it really been 20 years since Schadaraparr got together? The hip-hop trio would hit the big time in 1994, when their single 'Konya wa Boogie-Back' shifted half a million copies, though unlike many of their contemporaries they've stuck at it ever since. Frequently compared to The Beastie Boys, Schadaraparr were always far happier provoking smirks than striking ghetto poses, and you've got to love the Tepco-baiting promo shot for their upcoming gig at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall. 'All Denki Fair' will feature a few other survivors from the '90s, including cheesy dance outfit Denki Groove and hip-hop-turned-J-pop group Tokyo No. 1 Soul Set, while meta-pop act Sotaisei Riron and trombone-led instrumental quartet Sakerock represent the (comparatively) younger generation.


Event phone: 03 5720 9999

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