Baycamp 2012

Baycamp 2012

After getting off to a promising start last year, this bayside all-nighter has significantly upgraded its lineup for 2012 – with the unfortunate effect that it's now almost indistinguishable from every other summer music fest. Head to Higashi Ohgishima East Park, in the heart of Kawasaki's industrial area, to catch sets by big-name guitar bands including Asian Kung-Fu Generation, The Birthday and Polysics, though you'll have to look to lesser-known acts like Kaisoku Tokyo and 0.8 Byo to Shogeki for anything remotely edgy. Here's the complete lineup so far:

Live: 0.8 Byo to Shogeki, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Bigmama, The Birthday, Bremen, [Champagne], Chinza Dopeness & Doping Band, Czecho No Republic, Frontier Backyard, Group_inou, Hermann H. & The Pacemakers, Takeshi Hosomi, Kaisoku Tokyo, Kyuso Nekokami, Lostage, Low IQ 101 & Master Low, Man With A Mission, Monica Uranglass, Mo'some Tonebender, Ogre You Asshole, Penpals, Polysics, Sawagi, Smorgas, Suiseinoboaz, Tokyo Karankoron, Tricot, Zazen Boys

DJs: DJ Dienoji, Free Throw, Takumi Fujita aka DJ Shock-Pang, Halfby, Handsomeboy Technique, Hisashi The Kid, Lef!!! Crew!!!, Tetu Kid

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