Baycamp 2013

Baycamp 2013

After getting off to a promising start in 2011, this bayside all-nighter has significantly upgraded its lineup – with the unfortunate effect that it's increasingly indistinguishable from every other summer music fest. Head to Higashi Ohgishima East Park, in the heart of Kawasaki's industrial area, to catch sets by big-name guitar bands including The Birthday, Dragon Ash, Eastern Youth and Zazen Boys, plus younger, hungrier acts such as The Telephones and Kaisoku Tokyo. Under-18s can get discounted entry, though they're only allowed to stay until 9pm. Here's the complete lineup so far:

Live: 0.8 Byo to Shogeki, Atata, Avengers in Sci-Fi, The Birthday, [Champagne], Czecho No Republic, Dragon Ash, Eastern Youth, Frontier Backyard, Mariko Goto, Group_inou, Hermann H. & The Pacemakers, Hige, Takeshi Hosomi, Husking Bee, Kaisoku Tokyo, Kyuso Nekokami, Lostage, The Mirraz, Quattro, Suiseinoboaz, The Telephones, Tokyo Karankoron, Zazen Boys...

DJs: DJ Dienoji, Free Throw...

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