Explosive Classic presents Jeff Mills x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Music, Classical and opera
Gwendal Le Flem
Gwendal Le Flem

Seasoned producer, astral voyager and frequent Tokyo visitor, Detroit techno don Jeff Mills transitions from the club to the concert hall for the Japan premiere of his project ‘Light from the Outside World’. Performed here with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hirofumi Kurita, the piece takes the sumptuous sounds of the early Detroit scene as its cue for an expansive, euphoric techno-orchestral romp that includes 'Where Light Ends', created together with astronaut Mamoru Mohri, and 'The Bells', Mills's iconic hard-minimal anthem. Known for saving his most portentous concepts for Japan, Mills has recently played with the BBC and Melbourne symphony orchestras, honing his crossover skills to perfection. Tickets go on general sale January 30.


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