Extremities: JOLT Japanese Australian Sonic Festival

Extremities: JOLT Japanese Australian Sonic Festival

Avant-garde cinema, head-screwing sounds and laser beams are on the menu at this three-day festival, which unites the talents of Australia's JOLT sonic arts organisation and Tokyo improv event Test Tone. Visiting artists include Robin Fox, who'll be unleashing his renowned laser show (pictured); Philip Brophy, the twisted mind responsible for 1993 schlock classic Body Melt; and Amplified Elephants, a group of sound artists with intellectual disabilities, playing here with drummer Ryusaku Ikezawa. They're joined by a diverse selection of local acts: look out for duos between sound artist Toshio Kajiwara and dancer Yoko Higashino, video-turntablist Yudayajazz and drummer Muneomi Senju, and electronica artist Evala and no-input mixer maestro Toshimaru Nakamura, plus a performance by experimental cinema veteran Junichi Okuyama. Here's the complete lineup:

Sept 21: Philip Brophy, Daniel Buess, Yoko Higashino + Bing aka Toshio Kajiwara, Amplified Elephants + Ryusaku Ikezawa, Darrin Vehagen, Evil Penguin
Sept 22: Yudayajazz + Muneomi Senju, Buggatronic, Philip Brophy, Junichi Okuyama, Bolt Ensemble, Evil Penguin
Sept 23: Robin Fox, Evala + Toshimaru Nakamura, Bolt Ensemble, Masayuki Kawai + Ryota Hamasaki, Cal Lyall + Yukitomo Hamasaki, Evil Penguin