Greenroom Festival '12

Greenroom Festival '12

The surfers are taking over at Yokohama Red-Brick Warehouse this weekend as the annual Greenroom Festival returns. This surf-themed art-and-music jamboree offers a leisurely introduction to the summer music festival season, with yoga sessions and surf movies adding to the relaxed vibe. Archetypal surfer-dude musician Donavon Frankenreiter is making up for cancelling his appearance at last year's fest by playing twice this time around, alongside overseas visitors including jam band Lotus, France's Tahiti 80 and Brooklyn indie-posters The Drums (who presumably got in purely on account of breakout single 'Let's Go Surfing').

May 19:
Yuko Ando, Bird, Caravan, Donavon Frankenreiter, Curly Giraffe, Def Tech, The Drums, Going Vertical, Dai Hirai, HY, Kaoru Inoue, Lotus, Emi Meyer, Mustang, Pushim with Home Grown, Rakita, Sight Sound, Slightly Stoopid, Tomoyuki Tanaka, The Telephones, Your Song Is Good

May 20:
Cool Wise Man, A Deeper Shade of Blue, Ego-Wrappin' and The Gossip of Jaxx, Flying Kids, Donavon Frankenreiter, Hiroshi Fujiwara with Hidefumi Ino and Hama Okamoto, Hapa, Lotus, Overground Acoustic Underground, Tomohiro Higashida, Kotringo, Man With A Mission, Ryota Nozaki, Rake, Rekishi, Taiji Sato, Scoobie Do, Signals, Tahiti 80, Tokyo No.1 Soul Set, Youinstead

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