Hibikisai 2012 Tokyo

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Hibikisai 2012 Tokyo

With so many music festivals vying for attention this summer, it can be tough to stand out. But Hibikisai has got an edge over all of them: girl power. This annual fest – started in 2009 by indie group I-Rabbits and now held in both Tokyo and Nagoya – lets the ladies hog the limelight, by only booking all-female and female-fronted acts. Spread across three of the Shibuya O venues, it's most likely to appeal to people who like their guitars turned up loud and their melodies served super-sweet. This year's bill includes helium-voiced emo rockers Uplift Spice, Shonen Knife descendants Who the Bitch and Warped Tour veterans Oreskaband, with I-Rabbits saving the headliner slot for themselves. See the timetable on the official website for details.

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