Jane Birkin Charity Concert

Jane Birkin Charity Concert

'Are you sure that isn't an April Fool's?' someone in the Time Out office asked when we reported last Friday that Jane Birkin was planning to stage a charity gig in Tokyo. Apparently not: the lady formerly known as Madame Gainsbourg will be presiding over an impressive cast of Japanese musicians and artists at a free concert at Club Quattro, which aims to raise a stinkload of money for the charity Medecins du Monde. As of noon on Tuesday, the following guests have been announced: violinist Aska Kaneko, vocalist Ikuko Harada, guitarist Tsutomu Kurihara, trumpeter Shuichiro Sakaguchi, multi-instrumentalist Ren Takaga, pianists Nobuyuki Nakajima and Takuma Watanabe, keyboardist Tatsumi Moritoki, DJ Toshio Matsuura, tabla player U-Zhaan, sitar master Daikiti Yoshida, plus dancer Ikuyo Kuroda and actresses Mayu Tsuruta and Shinobu Terajima.

If you'd like to go, send an email to janebjapan@gmail.com by 4pm on April 5, stating: 1. your name; 2. age; 3. gender; 4. which prefecture you live in; 5. whether or not you're bringing a guest (one person only, and make sure to include their name); 6. whether or not you'd like to be signed up to the Jane Birkin mailing list. If you get in, you'll be sent a confirmation email around 8pm. If not, don't despair: they'll also be broadcasting the show on Ustream.

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