Ki/oon 20 Years & Days

Ki/oon 20 Years & Days

It's the label that gave us Supercar, Denki Groove and Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Sony Music subsidiary Ki/oon Records celebrates its 20th anniversary this month – and, rather cutely, it's doing it over the course of 20 gigs. Just about every act from the Ki/oon roster will be showing up at Liquidroom in the course of the event, including Polysics, Puffy, Pushim and plenty of bands whose names don't start with 'P', plus a few familiar faces from the past. You can also meet some potential stars of the future at April 8's free 'Ki/oon 20 Years Audition Final' show, the winners of which will get to open for Asian Kung-Fu Generation on April 29.

April 7: Magokoro Brothers, Gospellers
April 8: Ki/oon 20 Years Audition Final (details)
April 9: Group Tamashii, The Rice Panic
April 10: Polysics, 0.8 Byo to Shogeki
April 11: Karina Sumio, Prague, Hemenway, Page
April 12: Yo-King, Sparks Go Go
April 13: Rhymester, Negoto
April 14: Flow, Does
April 18: Sid
April 19: Tetsuya, Joe Inoue, Piko
April 20: L'Arc-en-Ciel Premium Night (details)
April 21: Lama, Chara
April 22: Pushim
April 24: Puffy, Schadaraparr
April 25: Unicorn, Totalfat
April 26: Chatmonchy, Nico Touches The Walls
April 27: Ki/oon Night (DJ Hayashi, Nakako, Suber Benjamin, Takkyu Ishino, DJ Tasaka, DJ Jin, Mr Beats aka DJ Celory, DJ U-Ichi, DJ Toshiya, DJ Tak, Y. Sunahara, Yapan, Agraph)
April 28: Home Made Kazoku, Sunya
April 29: Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Dr Downer
April 30: Denki Groove, Guitar Wolf

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