Kitchen Orchestra at SuperDeluxe

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Kitchen Orchestra at SuperDeluxe

Stavanger, Norway's Kitchen Orchestra weren't about to kick all the regulars out when they settled in for their five-day residency at SuperDeluxe. Instead, the jazz/improv ensemble will be performing as part of the venue's monthly Test Tone and Morgan's Organ nights, as well as at a psychedelic music/dance fest and at a more highbrow concert and discussion session helmed by art curator Takashi Azumaya. The highlight comes on the final night, when they reprise Pulse, the collaboration with Japanese visual artists Tetsuya Nagato and Hiraku Suzuki that they first performed at last year's Maijazz Festival in Norway.

May 15: Test Tone (Kitchen Orchestra with Manabu Suzuki, Junji Hirose, Daysuke Takaoka, Jun Nemoto, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto)
May 16: Juku Box Vol. 3 Concerning Universe (Kitchen Orchestra, Tatsuhiko Asano live; discussion with Takashi Azumaya & Atsushi Suzuki)
May 17: Morgan's Organ (Morgan Fisher + Nils Henrik Asheim duo, Morgan Fisher + Kitchen Orchestra)
May 18: New Shamballa Day ∞ Kitchen Orchestra (Primitchiv, Kasumi Hiraoka, Tari Shirai, Muneomi Senju, Taichi Asahi, Takashi Ueno, Mako Hasegawa, G10Z, Akiko Oogawara, Ken Okami, Megane, Mingo, Yoko Higashino, Bing aka Toshio Kajiwara, Maruosa, Rarufff, Sammy, Ezra Woolnough, VJ Rokapenis, DJ Sei Koichi, DJ Okiishi, Kitchen Orchestra)
May 19: Pulse (Kitchen Orchestra + Tetsuya Nagato + Hiraku Suzuki, Pardon Kimura + Naruyoshi Kikuchi with Hair Stylistics)

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