Loud Park 11


Time Out says

Creativeman's annual moshfest has been slimmed down to a one-day affair this year, which seems a bit like a metalhead getting a haircut to us. But have no fear: they've got Limp Bizkit playing. The nu-metal act never quite lived down their association with Woodstock '99, where fans took the message of the group's song 'Break Stuff' a little too literally. After a mid-2000s hiatus, they've returned to the fray with preternaturally talented guitarist Wes Borland back in the fold. Skip the albums: this lot are one to see live, or not at all. On a more nostalgic tip, the second-tier headliner this year is Whitesnake, still riding high on the success of this year's surprisingly-not-rubbish Forevermore album. Melodic death metal band Arch Enemy and reunited glam metal act The Darkness are also confirmed; see below for full lineup.


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