Machinations: Jolt Touring Festival (Part 1)

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Machinations: Jolt Touring Festival (Part 1)

Australia's got a new breed of composers. They're sound artists who like to immerse their audience in a multimedia experience. Discover them for yourself at JOLT MachiNations in Tokyo, hosted by Test Tone and JOLT arts collective. There are two events, with this one featuring The NIS, which employs electro-acoustic sound, interactive screen projections, robotic machines and video as part of the show. Included are some of Australia’s finest contemporary chamber music performers (The BOLT Ensemble), professional sound artists with intellectual disabilities (The Amplified Elephants), and top improvising performers from Japan. For details of the second event on August 9, click here.

We've got two free tickets to give away for this event. For the chance to win, please email your name and phone number to before July 31, 2014. We'll notify you via email on August 1 if you're one of the lucky winners. Note that this ticket only covers the entrance fee; the venue still requests a ¥500 drink order for all guests.

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