MeCA l Media Culture in Asia: A Transnational Platform – Music Program


Between February 9-18, Shibuya will be taken over by MeCA (Media Culture in Asia), a new multidisciplinary and regional arts event. To kick it all off, they're hosting two different music events at WWW and sister venue WWW X. At WWW, it's all about alternative sounds and visions, with anyone from veterans such as electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnik and Atari Teenage Riot's Alec Empire to fresh, local names sharing the stage. WWW X, on the other hand, is the setting for 'Bordering Practice', which centres around the confluence of the internet and the new direction of music culture in cities across the world. A mouthful, but it mostly means a stack of artists from web-based labels, including Tofubeats, Meishi Smile and Similarobjects. Mastermind behind it all? Maltine Records' Tomad. 


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