Mimic Night

Mimic Night

Frontman of pioneering experimental new wave band Qujila, Yasuo Sugibayashi isn't exactly a household name outside the narrow domain of the avant-garde Japanese underground. But things just might be about to change in that department: up-and-coming Dutch label Lullabies for Insomniacs, which specialises in re-releases of cult experimental records, earlier this year put out Yasuo Sugibayashi – The Mask Of The Imperial Family, a compilation of esoteric, dark and endlessly compelling tunes produced by Sugibayashi for his own Mimic Records label between 1980 and 1982. For this unique gathering at Forestlimit, where he'll be performing choice cuts from the trove, Sugibayashi will be joined by fellow avant-electronica artist Minoru Yonemoto and the incomparable Kohsetsu Imanishi, who plays the koto and other traditional Japanese instruments with a digital twist. Ambient up-and-comer Sugai Ken and Tokyo scene stalwart Chee Shimizu provide more than capable backup.


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