Minna no Senkan 2013

Minna no Senkan 2013

Veteran alt. rock heroes including Electric Eel Shock, Altered States and Boris clash with up-and-coming underground bands at this three-day summit, the name of which literally translates as 'Everybody's Battleship'. Expect a mix of indie, prog and electronica over the course of the weekend, ranging from the whimsical 'avant pops' of Tenniscoats to the ferocious post-punk of Otori and Tacobonds, via Oorutaichi's gibberish laptop pop and World's End Girlfriend's post-classical soundscapes.

Feb 9: Do Thank A Null, Eastern Youth, Electric Eel Shock, Kaseki Cider, DJ Memai, Nhhmbase, Suiseinoboaz, Tacobonds, Tesusabi, World's End Girlfriend & Another Alchemy, Yolz in the Sky
Feb 10: Altered States, Boris, Chikuwa Tasting Kyokai, Kaisoku Tokyo, Loolowningen & The Far East Idiots, DJ Memai, Ogre You Asshole, Yusuke Okumura, Otori, Panicsmile
Feb 11: Fresh!, Gekitetsu, Gezan, Henrytennis, Hisato 'N' Chatani, DJ Memai, Natsumen, Nontroppo, Oono Yuuki (band set), Oorutaichi, Tenniscoats, Hiraku Yoshimura (band set)

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