Nano-Mugen Fes. 2011

Nano-Mugen Fes. 2011

After taking their Nano-Mugen Fes. on the road last summer, Asian Kung-Fu Generation return to the cavernous expanses of Yokohama Arena for two days of uncomplicated guitar rock. The chief draws this year are Weezer and the Manic Street Preachers, while AKG and a few other acts will be playing on both days.

July 16
Ash, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, The Hiatus, Isobe Masafumi Band, Negoto, Oorutaichi, The Rentals, We Are Scientists, Weezer, The Young Punx! & Phonat

July 17
Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Boom Boom Satellites, Gen Hoshino, Manic Street Preachers, Mowmow Lulu Gyaban, The Rentals, Motoharu Sano and The Hobo King Band, Straightener, We Are Scientists, The Young Punx! & Phonat

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