Nano-Mugen Fes. 2012

Nano-Mugen Fes. 2012

You can chart the rise of indie rock act Asian Kung-Fu Generation through the growth of their Nano-Mugen Fes., which in just two years mushroomed from a humble gig at Shinjuku Loft to a two-day mega-concert at Yokohama Arena. The fest offers a mix of Japanese and Western bands, with a strong bias for '90s guitar acts: the foreign guests this year include Fountains of Wayne, Suede and Feeder. As ever, AKG and a few of the other acts will be playing on both days, meaning that you might want to choose carefully about when you go.

July 15:
Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Dr. Downer, Feeder, Fountains of Wayne, Motohiro Hata, Mates of State, Motion City Soundtrack, Phono Tones, Space Cowboy, Straightener

July 16:
Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Chara, Chatmonchy, 80kidz, Fountains of Wayne, The Hiatus, Rina Katahira, Mates of State, Motion City Soundtrack, Phono Tones, Suede, 10-Feet