Nippon Budokan

Music Kudanshita

The classic Tokyo live venue (think Dylan at the Budokan). Unfortunately, this lasting reputation allows what is a horrible space to continue to host major rock shows. Built for martial-arts competitions at the 1964 Olympics, it’s still used for sports events. The acoustics are poor, the vibe sombre, and the huge, ever-present Japanese flag hanging from the centre of the hall does not inspire a rock ’n’ roll atmosphere. And if you’re up in the balcony, you might as well be outside.


Venue name: Nippon Budokan
Address: 2-3 Kitanomaru Koen, Chiyoda-ku

Transport: Kudanshita Station (Hanzomon, Shinjuku, Tozai lines), exit 2
Static map showing venue location
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