Oshiri Penpenz

Oshiri Penpenz

They may be the most obnoxious band in Osaka, but Oshiri Penpenz don't seem to want for friends in Tokyo. The self-flagellating rockers are set to play a week-long residency at UFO Club, with different local support acts each night. Watch out for appearances from a range of likely and not-so-likely candidates, including Tenniscoats, Guitar Wolf, Humbert Humbert and Kan Mikami.

January 19: Oshiri Penpenz, Tenniscoats, Kyozin Yueni Dekai
January 20: Oshiri Penpenz, Incapacitants, Nisennenmondai, You Ishihara (DJ)
January 21: Oshiri Penpenz, Kan Mikami, Shutoku Mukai Acoustic & Electric
January 22: Oshiri Penpenz, Humbert Humbert
January 23: Oshiri Penpenz, Guitar Wolf
January 24: Oshiri Penpenz, Chaos Jockey, Chiyo Kamekawa x Kirara Nakabayashi x Sayaka Himeno
January 25: Oshiri Penpenz, The Acid House, Clitorick Ris, Byouki Masanori, Mariko Goto (DJ), Hiroyuki Ohashi (DJ)

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