Radio DTM 200th Anniversary

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Radio DTM 200th Anniversary

The celebrations continue for Radio DTM's 200th podcast, with another two days of music at Shinjuku Loft (see here for details of the gigs on March 30 and 31). Saturday's show finds space for everyone from baroque ensemble 4 Bonjour's Parties to prog outfit Henrytennis and singer-songwriter Kate Sikora, while Sunday's sticks mainly to indie-rock, with bands including Tenguin Invaders and Kuchuusen. See the official website for a timetable.

April 6: Biidoro, 4 Bonjour's Parties, Ryo Hamamoto & The Wetland, Henrytennis, Aoki Laska, Lowlowningen & The Far East Idiots, The Natsuyasumi Band, Kohsey Oda, Kate Sikora, Tarachine, Hiraku Yoshimura

April 7: Boku no Retepashiizu, Kowarekake no Taperecorders, Kuuchuusen, Lighter190E, Sasasoso Harmonica, Taiheiyo Shiranui Gakudan, Tenguin Invaders, Tetsuko, Tokyo Shinku Chitai, Yahchaika