Shimokitazawa Sound Cruising

Shimokitazawa Sound Cruising

Music fans with more stamina than sense can get a full 12 hours' worth of gigging action at this multi-venue fest in Shimokitazawa. Sound Cruising follows a similar format to other musical jamborees including Shimokitazawa Indie Fanclub, with bands playing simultaneously at live houses throughout the neighbourhood – the twist being that this one starts at 5pm and runs until dawn. Watch 'punk jazz' septet Katteni-Shiyagare, power pop man Masufumi Isobe and alt. rockers Lostage during the evening session, then do your best to keep track of the 40-odd bands playing during the night, among them Lite, Negoto, De De Mouse and The Chef Cooks Me. See the timetable on the official website for details.

Participating venues:
Evening: Garden, ReG, ReG Café, Three, Fu-Chi-Ku-Chi
Night: Garden, Fever, ReG, ReG Café, Era, Era 8F, Basement Bar, Three, Daisy Bar, Fu-Chi-Ku-Chi

Event website:
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