Shoudoku Gig Vol. 160

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Shoudoku Gig Vol. 160

When we interview Fucked Up singer Damian Abraham earlier this year, he singled out Gauze as one of the greatest of Japanese hardcore bands. Three decades into their career, this quartet (it's pronounce gah-zeh) are still staunch adherents to the hardcore ideal: tickets for their latest Shoudoku Gig this weekend cost a mere ¥1,200, which works out at just over ¥200 per band. And if you calculate value for money by the number of black eyes at the end of the night, it's even better value. Local thrashcore survivors Vivisick and Fuck on the Beach will be stoking the moshpit, with help from Sendai's Total Fury and Spike Shoes, before Gauze take the stage and annihilate anyone still standing.

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