SOI48 vol. 20: Shinkyusai

SOI48 vol. 20: Shinkyusai

A regular occurrence at Kabukicho's quirky Be-Wave, the always diverse Soi48 party now takes things in an even more eclectic direction than usual, celebrating its 20th edition with a hearty serving of yumi kagura. Oldest of all the various forms of kagura, the millennia-old form of Shinto music and dancing, yumi kagura comes from Hiroshima and is played with the yumi ('bow') – a notoriously unwieldy single-string instrument that also functions as an actual arrow-firing bow. Taking charge of things is Inaga Hachiman Shrine's representative Ritsuko Tanaka, in whose family the art of yumi has been passed down through the generations, while accompaniment is provided by flute and surigane gong players who recreate the atmosphere of sacred Shinto rites. Soi48's resident DJs had better step up their game to hang with this crew.


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