Sotaisei Riron presents "Kaiseki III"

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Sotaisei Riron presents "Kaiseki III"

Ever since they rocketed to fame in 2008 on the back of genuine, grass-roots popularity rather than some kind of insidious music industry conspiracy, Sotaisei Riron have been able to get away with doing things differently. Things like never having their mugshots shown in the media, or releasing a remix album and pretending that it's a proper full-length (check Tadashii Sotaisei Riron, which hit stores at the end of April). They also get to curate their own gigs, which is a good thing, especially when it means inviting guests of the calibre of Keigo 'Cornelius' Oyamada and Brazilophile guitarist Arto Lindsay. The Riron's own ranks, meanwhile, will be swelled by the addition of Naoto Eto on keys and Itoken on drums.

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