Style Band Tokyo

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Style Band Tokyo

Anglophile gig promoters Style Band Tokyo mark their 5th anniversary with a few old friends at Unit this weekend. Actually, make that a lot of old friends. Chief among the attractions are London-based heavy rockers Bo Ningen – who'll be finishing their Japan tour here – and Osaka death-disco duo Yolz in the Sky. You can also expect generous helpings of post-punk, new wave and shameless posing from the likes of Lilies and Remains, Plasticzooms, Miila and the Geeks and Moja, plus a full complement of local DJs. Here's the complete lineup:

Live: Bo Ningen, Day and Buffalo, Gypsy Paradox, Hate No Hate, Lilies and Remains, Miila and the Geeks, Moja, New House, Plasticzooms, Sekaiteki no Band, White Scooper, Yolz in the Sky, ZZZ's

DJs: Apu, Chikara Chosyu, Cuz Me Pain DJs, Foujita, HMS Control, Judy, Taigen Kawabe, Ian Martin, Gikyo Nakamura, Nah & Sue, Sam & Mark, Yuta Sekiyama, Si Oux, Sumire, Tommy, Tomo, U-Hey, Wizzjones

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