The Master Musicians of Joujouka


Considered the world's oldest musical group, the Master Musicians of Jajouka have been in continuous operation for at least six centuries, playing in the courts of sultans, in the restaurant of beat poet Brion Gysin and in the tiny Moroccan village they hail from. Their first and most famous recording is the 1971 oddity known as Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Jajouka, on which the thinking man's favourite Rolling Stone processed the Sufist trance band through late-'60s electronic effects to create a psychedelic artifact for the ages. The group has at least ten members, sometimes as many as 100, who create wild, orgiastic cascades of sound on reeds, flutes and drums. Sometimes, someone sings, unexpectedly. As the audience at Glastonbury in 2011 found out, it's a hypnotic mixture unlike, well, anything else. This show at WWW X will be preceded by a screening of Tribe Ahl Serif, a 1972 documentary on the group, and only 300 tickets will be available.


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