The Wild Rover 2012

The Wild Rover 2012

Too bad that 2012's most raucous St. Patrick's Day gig has arrived a week late, but it's an improvement on last year, when The Wild Rover didn't even happen until June (and no, it had nothing to do with the earthquake). Headliners Overground Acoustic Underground and Junior both demonstrate a sound working grasp of Irish music – acoustic folk rock and punk, respectively – but they're outweighed by the decidedly un-Celtic likes of ska combo Cool Wise Man and rag band Little Fats & Swingin' Hot Shot Party. Hey, what were you expecting: The Corrs? The action will be spread over four venues, with thirty bands and over a dozen DJs taking part. Here's the full lineup:

Bands: AA&TO¥$OX, Ally Band, The Autocratics, Bagpipe Blastos, Ballad Shot, Banquet Rover, Caballero Polkers, Cave Gaze World, Cool Wise Man, Cubelicks, The Drops, Gypsy Vagabonz, Hatch Hatchell Band, Hi-Hopes, The Hot Shots, Junior, Kaurismaki, Little Fats & Swingin' Hot Shot Party, The Magnificentz, Modern B Beard, Mohikan Family's, Moonstompers, Oink, One Track Mind, Overground Acoustic Underground, Pinch of Snuff, T Jiros, The Rich, The Rodeos, Samurai Dynamites...
DJs: Bu$hi, Dr. Ihara, Fuminn, Inami, Ishikawa, Katsuya Kanno, Kazxxx, Kyosuke, Masafu, Miccyan, Nakano, Shinji, DJ Uncleowen, The Wild Rover (Hideto, Kakei, Kirk), Yagi...

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