Time Out presents: Tenniscoats

Time Out presents: Tenniscoats

Fresh from recording Tokinouta, their latest and most poignant album, Saya and Takashi Ueno will be pitching up at Time Out Tokyo's very own corner of Ebisu for an afternoon session of 'avant-pops' (as Saya has been known to term it). In our experience, this could mean anything. A Tenniscoats gig comes in many guises, and you never know whether you're going to get wild experimentalism, incorporating bathtubs and fire extinguishers, or an hour of gorgeous, delicate folk whimsy. The best thing to do is pop along and find out for yourself: either way, you can't really lose. And make sure you get there early to catch the support act, homemade instrument maverick Lead Sister II.

Click here to hear Doun Doun Doun, currently streaming on Time Out Tokyo.

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