Tokyo Idol Festival 2011

Tokyo Idol Festival 2011

There will be a total of 54 groups doing their thing at the second edition of Tokyo Idol Festival, a two-day otaku-pop onslaught held at a specially constructed site in Odaiba. It's a significant step up from the inaugural fest last year, which was spread across multiple venues in Shinagawa. This time around, you can get your concentrated idol fix all in one place, with performances and talk events being held on six different stages, two of which are free. Here's the complete lineup, as of August 17:

Aell, Afilia Saga, BA5, Bitter Sweetz, Choice?, Chu! Lips (Aug 27 only), Circadian Rhythm, (Aug 28 only), Dorothy Little Happy, Fanta Peace (Aug 27 only), Feam, Fine, For Chun, Fudanjuku, Gal Doll, G Girls (Aug 27 only), Hopclub (Aug 27 only), Idol College, Idoling!!!, Idol Street (Aug 27 only), Jewel Kiss, JK21, KNU 23 (aug 27 only), Lovely Doll, Mai x Nao, Erina Mano (Aug 27 only), Minami Momochi, Minitia Bears, Mugiwara Musume (Aug 27 only), Nakano Fujoshi Sisters (Aug 28 only), Natural Point, 9 Nine (Aug 27 only), Oh Campee, Okite Porsche (Aug 27 only), Panda Neko-zu (Aug 28 only), Passpo, Pinkish, The Possible, Pre Dia, Ram (Aug 28 only), Sakura Gakuin, Sexy All Sister (Aug 27 only), Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Shizu Kaze with Kizuna, Space Girls Planet, Super Girls (Aug 27 only), Survive Zero, Techpri, Tokyo Cheer Party (Aug 28 only), Tokyo Girls Style, Usa Usa Shojo Club, Vanilla Beans, Vic:cess (Aug 27 only), W Anna (Aug 28 only), YGA

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