Yatte Minahare Project

Yatte Minahare Project

Traditional Japanese and European music meets silent movies, shadow puppetry, contemporary dance and metaphysical philosophy during a five-day series of events at one of Tokyo's premier classical music venues. The performers include Colored Monotone, a group that specialises in performing to silent movies, and butoh dancer Kim Itoh's company collaborating with Ensemble Muromachi, who play Baroque and traditional Japanese instruments. Ambitious stuff – and the Japanese title for the event series translates, appropriately, as 'Go for it!'

July 25: Ensemble Muromachi and the Kim Itoh Company
July 26: Misako Konno (reading), Diva (voice/instruments) and Jack Lee Randall & Mao Company (shadow puppets)
July 27: Silent film concert with Colored Monotone
July 28: Chinu Izumi (actress) and Norio Maeda (pianist)
July 29: Hiroshi Hori (ningyo-mai) and ensemble

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