Yoshihide Otomo 4 Days

Yoshihide Otomo 4 Days

We're not sure if he just didn't meet his gig quota for the year, but Yoshihide Otomo is working overtime in the run-up to December 31. The veteran improviser plays eight gigs across four days at Pit Inn this week, covering his myriad musical interests in the process. The first evening's show with sound artist Akio Suzuki and poet Gozo Yoshimasu promises to be hushed and contemplative; Saturday's session with members of long-running noise act Hijokaidan and free jazz saxophonist Junji Hirose, rather less so.

December 27 (afternoon): with Fuyumi Abe (live + talk)
December 27 (evening): with Akio Suzuki, Gozo Yoshimasu
December 28 (afternoon): with U-Zhaan (live + talk)
December 28 (evening): with Tenniscoats, Tetsuya Umeda, Sachiko M
December 29 (afternoon): Yoshihide Otomo solo
December 29 (evening): with Jojo Hiroshige, Junko, Toshiji Mikawa, Junji Hirose
December 30 (afternoon): with Redd Temple (Yuki Sato, Jun Arakawa, Keita Muroi)
December 30 (evening): with Hiroshi Suzuki, Osamu Imagome, Jinya Kimura, Shunsuke Okuchi, Yasuhiro Yoshigaki

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