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Check out these beautiful yet terrifying images of lightning from last night's freak storm in Tokyo

Thunder over Tokyo
Photo: Twitter @KAGAYA_11949

Tokyo was visited by some really intense storms on the evenings of both Sunday 26 and Monday 27 August. It involved funky-looking clouds (known as cumulonimbus clouds), plenty of rain (up to 110mm of water was poured out of the sky above Setagaya ward in an hour, and the Meguro River came close to overflowing), and a rather spectacular show of lightning.

Although power cuts were recorded at up to 6500 homes, it did make for some electrifying (sorry) images. We've gathered some of our favourites below. 

thunder over Tokyo

Photo: Twitter Masanobu Higashiyama (@itaimecom)



Photo: Twitter @KAGAYA_11949



Photo: Twitter @46kengo46



Photo: Instagram @yuzof



And to finish it all off, this timelapse: an hour and a half of lightning condensed into 31 seconds.