Coca-Cola Clear hits stores in Japan today

Kaila Imada

Following the recent trend of transparent drinks, Coca-Cola is releasing a clear version of its household beverage which hits stores in Japan today. The new formula reportedly took a year to develop as the drink needed to be turned clear to look like water while not loosing its classic taste. This new Coke variant also contains a hint of lemon, and for those who are calorie-conscious, you'll be glad to know that the new drink contains zero calories (almost like a Coke Zero).

Coca-Cola Japan

We’re really curious how this one will turn out, especially having tried the previous Peach Coke and Coffee Coca-Cola, which were interesting. Keep your eyes peeled today, and if you happen to find the new Coke, let us know how it is!

For more information, check out Coca-Cola Japan or watch the video from ANN News below. 

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