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Coca-Cola Clear hits stores in Japan today

Coca-Cola Clear

Following the recent trend of transparent drinks, Coca-Cola is releasing a clear version of its household beverage which hits stores in Japan today. The new formula reportedly took a year to develop as the drink needed to be turned clear to look like water while not loosing its classic taste. This new Coke variant also contains a hint of lemon, and for those who are calorie-conscious, you'll be glad to know that the new drink contains zero calories (almost like a Coke Zero).

Coca-Cola Japan


We’re really curious how this one will turn out, especially having tried the previous Peach Coke and Coffee Coca-Cola, which were interesting. Keep your eyes peeled today, and if you happen to find the new Coke, let us know how it is!

For more information, check out Coca-Cola Japan or watch the video from ANN News below. 



Adam H

Clear drinks are not new. Coca-Cola had Clear Tab. And of course, there was Clear Pepsi:  Like every marketing trend and fad--they are recycled and then re-marketed. The way computers are marketed today is the way radios were marketed in the 1930s and televisions from the 1950s onward and so on. Even the junk email in your inbox is the junk mail of 30 years ago.