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GU sells a similar $590 Gucci T-shirt for just under $8

GU and Gucci Paramount T-shirts
Photos: (Left); (Right)

Same same but different? For those looking for a bargain, you can now cop yourself a T-shirt from Japanese fast fashion retailer GU, which just so happens to offer a T-shirt that's very similar to one from Gucci, albeit at a far more wallet-friendly price tag.

The T-shirt in question features a graphic print of the iconic Paramount Pictures logo, which we are all familiar with, as it shows up at the beginning of many, many movies. The GU version comes in at an easy ¥790 (about USD7.35) plus three additional colours besides white: navy, burgundy and grey. The off-white Gucci version, however, retails for an eye-watering USD590 – and last we checked on its US site, it's already sold out.

The minor differences we can spot are the cut (the Gucci one seems a bit more boxy) and the colour of the graphic print: the Gucci version is lighter, more of a baby blue. It's also worth noting that the GU T-shirt is actually from the women's selection whereas the Gucci tee is found in the men's collection. Of course, there could very well be other differences like quality of the material, fit, etc. But the question is, which would you cop?