Have your face projected onto Tokyo's skyline as part of the Tokyo Tokyo Festival

Kaila Imada

Fancy seeing your face projected onto Tokyo's night sky? This art project may just make your dream come true. As one of the selected projects in Tokyo Tokyo Festival's Public Call for Project Proposals, this art initiative, titled 'Masayume', is now calling for submission. 

Run by the contemporary art collective [mé], this art project is looking for public submission of different faces, regardless of nationality, gender and age. Anyone and everyone from anywhere in the world can submit a photo of themselves – however, only one face will reign supreme and be selected to grace the sky above Tokyo in summer 2020. The members behind [mé] consists of artist Haruka Kojin, director Kenji Minamigawa and art installer Hirofumi Masui. The team was founded to work across different mediums and genres, and their wacky, surreal projection idea will be realised in time for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  

To enter your face as a hopeful contender, simply follow the steps on their official website. Submission is open until the end of June, after which a 'face collection workshop' will take place where the team will compile and sort all the images. A 'face meeting' is then set up to decide on the kind of face they want to show in the sky before the art project is officially launched in the summer of 2020. 

Want to apply? Applications are now open until the end of June, so start taking #selfies now.

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