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KFC Japan creates three-finger gloves to keep your hands clean

Yubi Kirei - KFC three-finger glove

Trust the Japanese to think of everything. The latest invention from KFC Japan is a three-finger glove to keep your hand – and phone – grease-free while you enjoy its world-famous fried chicken.

KFC Japan is on a roll lately, with its all-you-can-eat fried chicken promotion and a special ¥500 lunch set. Its latest offering however, could just be life-changing for all fried-chicken lovers across the country.

This three-finger glove is actually a new take on the two-finger glove (also known as 'finger nups') that was tested back in 2016. After some extensive observations, the company came to the conclusion that most of the customers would eat the classic ‘original’ fried chicken using three fingers instead of two.

So this new chicken-eating glove covers your entire palm plus the thumb, index and middle fingers, leaving your last two fingers unsheathed – so you can still tap on your phone screen and scroll through your feed. Some outlets have made this glove available to take on the counter; if not, simply ask the cashier for the ‘yubi kirei’, which literally means ‘clean fingers’.



Anna N

More plastic, thats exactly what world needs... 

Lionel H

When everyone is ditching plastic straws, Japan shows the lead in his usual carelessness by adding even more non reusable plastic.